Pounded Yam is a staple in many West African households, but it is typically served with a variety of delicious African soups and stews, such as Egusi (okra soup), Ewedu (jute leaves soup), or Stewed Spinach (Efo Riro). Yam flour is mainly used to make Pounded Yam, a popular Nigerian dish. It's usually served with a side of vegetables, and it's a great option for Vegans.
Nutritional Benefits: 
Pounded Yam contains a high percentage of carbohydrates, making it a healthy source of nutrition. It also contains dietary fibre, which helps in digestion and prevents constipation while also suppressing the side effects of weight gain and diabetes. It's also high in fibre, potassium, manganese, and B vitamins for metabolism.
Health Benefits: 
Pounded yam is thought to have a wide range of medicinal properties. Pounded Yam's complex carbohydrates and fibre make it an ideal food for those who want to regulate their blood sugar, lower their cholesterol levels, particularly bad cholesterol levels, since fibre binds bad cholesterol in the intestines. The high fibre content of Pounded yam makes it perfect for those looking to lose weight while still controlling constipation.

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