The maturity of the fruit turns into pale green, dark green leathery flesh, resulting in moderate strain. The interior pulp is creamy, readily divided into fibrous, juicy parts containing glossy, oval, inedible black seed. A tropical taste that recalls mango, cherry, coconut, and banana is a tropical flavor of ile soursops leaves.

Nutritional Benefits: 

ile Foods Soursop leaves are an excellent source of B-Complex and C vitamins, as well as iron, calcium, phosphorous, and vitamins. ile Soursop leaves can provide various nutritional benefits. 

Health Benefits: 

Vitamin C is high in Soursop, a well-recognized immune-enhancing antioxidant. ile Soursop leaves are a good source of Fibers that contributes to promoting regularity and preventing intestinal problems including constipation. It is believed that an extract of ile soursop leaves can reduce the size and destroy cancer cells.

ile Foods Soursop Leaves