Hibiscus Hibiscus which can be called sorrel/zobo, is described by the Malvaceae family as a flowering plant. It is also the South Korean and Malaysian national flower besides Haiti. ile Organic Hibiscus Flower has various potential health and nutritional benefits. 
Nutritional Benefits: 
Vitamin C and minerals are the therapeutic ingredients present in the fruit. It is considered to have anti-inflammatory properties in the leaves of this herb. ile Hibiscus flora is also high in ascorbic acid, with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial effects. The body needs this nutrient to strengthen our immune systems and stimulate them. Its high anti-inflammatory characteristics shield us against the catch of flu or fever. The calming impact of Hibiscus tea is vital to fever reduction.
Health Benefits: 
ile flowers are supposed to treat diseases such as lack of blood, cough, and grinding of hair (if the combination is prepared). The ile flowers are dripped, ground to fine powder, and combined with water to add to the scalp for natural hair care with Hibiscus. It's also used as a diuretic for the decrease of body temperature, the treatment of nerve and cardiac failure. Fever can even be minimized because of the calming properties of hibiscus tea.

ile Foods Organic Hibiscus Flower

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