Rice Ofada is an unpolished luxury rice. Ofada rice was named after the town of Ofada, where it was first grown. Ofada rice is unpollinated rice and is not processed, and is just extracted to produce brown rice/Ofada rice when collected from the fields. ile Ofada rice has a higher nutritional level and good health benefits.
Nutritional Benefits: 
A cup of ile Foods Ofada rice offers more than white rice with its micronutrients. Additional protein and fatty acids are just one of the many macronutrients you get while you are drinking ile Ofada rice. A cup of ile Ofada rice, though, can provide you more vitamins and minerals than white rice, which ensures the extra calories are worth taking.
Health Benefits: 
Studies have shown that Ofada rice is healthy for the heart when it comes to health benefits. ile Rice Ofada produces rice bran oil that has demonstrated a reduction in LDL. LDL is the poor cholesterol of the body, and it means a healthier cardiac condition at lower levels. ile Ofada rice also produces selenium, and findings indicate that oxidative stress may be prevented. Selenium can reduce the growth of plaques in the heart and prevent cancer in the body.

ile Foods Ofada Rice

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