Neem is a tree. ile Foods Neem leaves have the potential to use for various disease treatments including leprosy, eye disorder, cough, gingivitis, diarrhea, cancer, intestinal worms, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, cardiac disorder, and blood arteries (cardiovascular disease). The leaf is often used to prevent and abort pregnancy.
Nutritional Benefits: 
Most studies show that the use of a neem leaf extract gel or a neem mouthwash can decrease the amount of plaque on the teeth  Most literature suggests that using a gel containing neem leaf extract or using neem mouthwash can alleviate gingivitis in certain patients. Clinical evidence suggests that using a shampoo from the neem extract on the scalp once heals head lice entirely in infants.
Health Benefits: 
It is believed that neem can decrease blood sugar levels and allow blood sugar to become too low. And it has the potential to track blood sugar closely if someone has diabetes and uses neem.

ile Foods Neem Leaves