ile Foods Locust Bean/Ile Iru/Ugba/Dawa Dawa is a fermented and dried local bean that has been used to make scrumptious typical soups, such as Egusi, okra broth, and ogbono. 
Nutritional Benefits: 
Nigerians and other Africans use Locust as a replacement for Maggi Cubes and apply it to all – not just because of its fine tastes, but also because of its health effects, such as improving visibility, digestion, and much more.
Health Benefits: 
African foliage produces soluble fiber to regulate the amounts of sugar and cholesterol. The African Locust Bean's daily intake is good for the digestive system. Lipids in rust bounds can be transported from the intestines to the bloodstream to guarantee that dietary nutrients are properly absorbed and digested. In conventional medicine, the barks are macerated to cure and avoid gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and stomach ulcer, either infused or immersed in oil.

ile Foods Iru/Locust Bean/ Ugba/ Dawa Dawa

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