ile Foods Sea moss is an algae of the sort that for thousands of years has been part of human food. Ile Irish Sea Moss is used to boost the levels of energy. In order to cope with illnesses varying from cough and infections to poor libido, sea moss has been used medically in other communities for decades. 
Nutritional Benefits: 
One of the explanations for ile Irish Sea Moss' new reputation as a superfood is because it is a vegetarian source of several nutrients without gluten. ile Irish Sea moss has several nutrients like vitamin B2, B12 vitamin, Calcium, Chromium, Zinc, Magnesium.
Health Benefits: 
ile Irish sea moss is high in vitamins and provides 90% of our body's nutrients and encourages reduction of natural weight. ile Irish sea moss can also help create muscle for your body and also assists with building a balanced immune system.

ile Foods Irish Sea Moss

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