When crushed, Guava leaves are aromatic and have a fragrance comparable to the guava berries. Guava leaves emerge on a little tree with large branches and copper-colored bark, which shows a green foundation. They are often dried and ready to be used in specialized tea shops. When the leaves are dried, the herbal tea is crushed and boiled.
Nutritional Benefits: 
ile Foods Guava leaves, which are most often used in tea, are used in capsules and ground in pastes as essential oils. Traditionally, young leaves are preferred for treatment purposes and can be sold in different ways in health stores. ile Guava leaves are abundant in vitamin C and iron.
Health Benefits: 
It is believed that ile Guava Leaves can lower levels of blood sugar and can improve the health of the heart. ile Guava leaves have the potential to benefit the digestive system from a weight loss relief effect that can help boost immunity. ile Guava leaves have the potential to deliver anti-cancer effects.

ile Foods Guava Leaves